AdaraDigital – Tied And Tickled

Christina has Adara in a hogtie. She taunts her asking her how much she loves feet. She shoves her socks in Adara’s mouth as she struggles. She continues to ask Adara how much she loves feet as she tickles and licks on Adaras toes. She teases her as she continues to tickle her feet. She changes Adara’s gag to a muzzle gag to muffle her protests some more then she blindfolds her so she doesn’t know whats coming. She tickles her feet some more as Adara squirms around in her hogtie trying to avoid the tickles. She incorporates a toe tie attached to her muzzle gag making it harder for Adara to struggle Away until she is done tickling Adara’s poor little feeties.

Length: 12:22
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tied And Tickled

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