AglaeaProductions – Tickling My Step-Sister Daffy

Nicky is sick and tired of his little sister Lola going into his room and “borrowing” his things! He strips her down and ties her arms to the bed then proceeds to tickle her as punishment. He starts with her ribs and thighs, but soon progresses to her sensitive feet and around her tits, making her squirm with giggles. He has no mercy because she took his phone and took naughty pictures on it for her boyfriend, and this is crossing the line! She laughs non-stop, not even able to catch her breath, as Nicky tickles her until she begs him to stop and promises she will not tell anyone. Nicky doesn’t believe her and continues his tickle torment until Lola is left laughing uncontrollably on the bed and Nicky believes that he has driven her crazy with his tickling … HAS HE???

Length: 12:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling My Step-Sister Daffy

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