AmaRiosPlayground – Tickle Session with Nurse Ama

In this clip, Nurse Ama Rio visits her patient Bobby Tickles for his daily psychiatric evaluation and tickle treatment. As she enters the room pantyless, Bobby is bound in restraints on the bed. Ama sits down next to Bobby and checks his vital signs and asks how his day is going. He doesn’t respond and looks very unhappy to be restrained. Ama quickly suggests a tickle treatment to brighten up his day. From there she stuffs a sock in his mouth to quiet his loud laughter as she moves behind him and begins to dig her fingers into his ribs and slowly moves down his torso tickling Bobby relentlessly. Following the upper body tickles, Ama moves on to his feet. Using her fingernails and soft hands at first to gently touch his super ticklish feet and toes he pleas for the tickling to stop. Ama continues to tickle the tops and bottoms of both his feet with a feather before moving to a nail brush and a few other implements, ignoring his hysterical laugher and cries to stop. After several minutes of tickling mayhem, Ama gets up and informs Bobby that the next nurse will be in shortly for a few other tests, grabs her belongings, and slowly exits the room.

Length: 10:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Session with Nurse Ama


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