ArtemisFetishFilms – My Car, My Feet [ft Artemis,Calliope]

Calliope finds Artemis resting with her feet out the window of the car, this really irks Calliope to the point that she removes Artemis’ shoes, revealing her sweaty soles.

Artemis awakens some time later, with her feet securely locked into the headrest of the passenger seat. Confused, she wriggles but she is locked in, with her hands behind her back. Calliope proceeds to stroke her fingers across the bare soles of the silver headed damsel. Artemis giggles, laughs and squirms but she is unable to do anything against the attack. Moving forward, Artemis finds her toes bound and pulled back, making it essentially impossible to move away from Calliope’s tickling.

After she is done with her captive, Calliope removes her sweaty socks, shoving them in Artemis’ mouth and proceeding to tape them in. Wanting to keep a low profile, she continues to put a mouth mask and sun glasses on, giving the illusion that Artemis is just sitting in the chair, anyone who would see her would not think anything is wrong. The captor prods the victim, with Artemis trying to kick at her.

A few hours later, Artemis finds herself bound at Calliope’s house, hogtied and eventually gagged. Calliope now has her captive where she wants her, helpless and completely bound at her mercy. More tickling ensues, before she eventually leaves her new tickle slave until next time.

Length: 16:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My Car, My Feet [ft Artemis,Calliope]


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