ArtemisFetishFilms – The Cabin [ft MoodyRina Tickling, JOI]

Artemis’ car has broken down at the most inopportune time; in the middle of a dense forest. To make things worse, she has no idea about anything to do with cars and no reception.

To her shock, a stranger (Rina) comes up behind her and offers if she needs any assistance. Artemis assumes that Rina luckily lives nearby so she begins to try and explain the problems that the car is having. Unbeknownst to Artemis, Rina has different reasons for “helping” and before long, Artemis finds herself with her hands behind her back, and taped together; pulled away to a nearby cabin.

Once in the cabin, Artemis finds herself bound to a chair with her feet outstretched with the viewer watching eagerly as Rina shows off her catch to you. Your girlfriend excitedly peels off the captives shoes and socks; presenting them to you as she knows you love when she brings you pretty girls with pretty feet. You sit back while she begins to tickle and worship the helpless captives feet, instructing you to jerk off to it.

Once you feel like you’re about to burst, Rina begins to count you down while Artemis cannot help but BEG you to cum so that Rina will stop tickling her feet, the rest is up to you.

Afterwards, Rina asks if you can keep this one, maybe save her for later for another JOI, what do you think?

Length: 26:46
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – The Cabin [Tickling, JOI]


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