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My Mistress, Darla Crane, honors me by deciding to play with me again. She has us both dressed up in sexy lace corsets with garters & stockings.  She warms me up for the afternoon’s festivities by fondling my big bare breasts  exposed bare pussy. She has me get on my knees to caress  stoke her sexy black stockinged legs. She then allows me the pleasure of fondling her huge tits that are almost falling out over the top of her black bra.  After sucking pinching my nipples for a bit, she decides that it’s time for the fun stuff. She has me lay down on a black leather table  straps me down to it spread eagle, fills my mouth with a black ball-gag. After Mistress has me completely helpless  secured, she begins her tickle . And it will be, as I am incredibly ticklish!  She moves her fingers from tickling my side to tickling my breasts which me to giggle so much that I’m breathless beneath my gag.  Then she moves on to tickling my inner thighs & pussy which begins to drive me to a point of madness while gasping for air.  But all that is nothing compared to when she removes my white stiletto pumps begins to tickle my feet. It is truly now.  I buck & writhe against my restraints, but it is no use. I can’t escape!

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