AstroDomina – Madam Leather

One of my favorite techniques is tickling. There’s just something about tickling someone who is completely at my mercy. ——— Sometimes even a badge doesn’t offer any protection. That’s what you found out the hard way when you tried to bust Sydney’s, aka Madam Leather’s, dungeon and her operations. Even the police commissioner doesn’t intimidate her and her henchman at all. It doesn’t take long before the henchman grabs you, gags you and ties you up to a table. What happens next is pure . Sydney has the commissioner right where she wants him. Ankles tied to the bottom of the table, wrists to the top. And nowhere to go. Sydney tickles him all over his body and taunts him with threats of having the entire staff come down to take advantage of his helpless body.

Length: 12:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Madam Leather


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