AstroDomina – Unique Medicine For Crazy Tickler

The best cure for your disease might just be to treat you with a dose of your own medicine. ———- After dealing with her issues for a long time, Sarah finally takes the initiative to go see a professional therapist. She tells Dr Sydney all about her tickling obsession. Dr Sydney has heard stories like this before. Sarah is so obsessed with tickling people’s feet, she even randomly attacks strangers to tickle them. Dr Sydney has just the solution. Sarah gets a secret potion injected andshortly after. When she wakes up, all she can see is a white wall, a straitjacket wrapped around her body and Dr Sydney sitting by her feet. Apparently, the treatment Dr Sydney came up with involves tying Sarah down, gagging her, strapping her to the medical table and tickling her. By using Sarah’s obsession against her, she will finally be cured

Duration: 12:21.173
Size: 677,788 Mb

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