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Bella and Riot have been roommates for a long time. They also work at the same job. The too are very close and never let anything come in between them. That is, until now. Money causes rifts in many relationships and this situation is no different. They were both in the running for a promotion at work with Bella eventually getting it. Riot feels more qualified and feels that Bella didn’t give her any credit for helping her throughout her career. Snide Bella casually brushes off Riot and dismisses her efforts. Well, Riot knows one giant secret of Bella’s and it’s something Bella can’t stand. She knocks out Bella when she comes home from work and subdues her in some foot stocks. Bella wakes up to find herself in her most feared predicament. Riot has medium length, natural nails that tickle the heck out of Bella’s nylon covered soles. Just the slightest touch has Bella jumping out of the chair. The two go back and forth about who really deserves the promotion. Riot is not going to stop tickling the heck out of her roommate until she declines the promotion. Despite clearly suffering, Bella is resilient. So Riot ups the anti next. She rips open her nylons and tickles Bella’s bare feet. Bella’s feet are long, slender, and sensitive! She tries to remain tough but Riot brings out a back scratcher and electronic flosser to tickle her with. The devices in conjunction with her nails are too much for Bella to handle. She eventually forfeits the position to Riot. After getting what she wants, Riot leaves her in the stocks. A defeated, sweaty, and pissed off Bella vows revenge! We’ve rarely seen Bella this ticklish before. Her feet were very responsive on this day and this was hard for her to go through. Don’t miss this video if you are a fan of foot tickling and a fan of Bellas!

Length: 12:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – 60 Tickles Per Second

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