BCTickleAndFetish – I’m Still Ticklish Damnit!

After a long hiatus, Luna Vera has made her return to the world of tickling! If you are a tickling fan, you definitely know of Luna. She is easily one the most ticklish girls of all time and has been in a ton of videos over the years. She tickled the life out of our favorite amazon Kendra. Now it’s her turn to suffer on the table. Luna’s petite body was made for our bondage table. Kendra’s hands are so big and they easily roam Luna’s most vulnerable spots. Luna is still just as ticklish as ever! For such a petite and innocent looking girl, she curses like a sailor. Kendra tickles her armpits, ribs, stomach, sides, waist area, and neck in this one. She gets some much needed payback while little Luna suffers and cusses every 2 seconds! Hot clip!

Length: 8:45
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – I’m Still Ticklish Damnit!

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