BCTickleAndFetish – Keke All Racked Up


The adorable Keke is stretched out on the table and vulnerable the way we like her. Travis now gets a chance to tickle her curvy, ebony frame. He starts out on her armpits, ribs, and sides. You know he can’t resist tickling her big outie belly button either. Keke laughs her head off and gives good reactions to her upper body being tickled but now its time for the feet. We initially thought her armpits were the most ticklish spot but now it’s clear the feet are her worst spot. She has big, wide soles with a lot of space to tickle on them. Fingertips, brushes, the back scratcher, and the flosser all do wonders on her lovely ebony soles. Keke is a joy to tickle and we look forward to having her back in the future!

Duration: 12:52.791
Size: 540,888 Mb

Download – Keke All Racked Up

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