BCTickleAndFetish – My Poor Belly Button

Catherine Foxx is stretched out on an exercise ball with her sexy stomach and belly button wide open. KK can’t help but to get her claws on that sexy body. KK has long nails which prove to add even more sensitivity to Catherine. As soon as KK’s nails graze her skin, Catherine is freaking out. Then KK takes her pointer finger and sticks it right in Catherine’s belly button. She has a strong core but not even Catherine can keep her composure. She’s laughing, shrieking, twisting, turning, and struggling to remain on the ball. KK loves having complete control over her reactions. So much so that she whips out the electronic flosser and uses it right in Catherine’s navel. Catherine is beside herself! Eventually she loses her balance and falls off the ball in exhaustion. KK gives her belly button a work out with nails, the flosser, and even her tongue at times. Catherine’s belly button isn’t very deep but it sure is sensitive!

Length: 6:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – My Poor Belly Button

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