BCTickleAndFetish – You Lost Fair And Square Part 1

Megan has found herself in yet another precarious position. She lost her recent wrestling match due to her opponent illegally tickling her. She reported the referee to the referees association for negligence and not paying attention. Outraged by this, her referee, Travis, decided to do something about it. Megan wakes up tied in bondage and asking for help. In walks Travis as he explains why she’s tied up. She lost due to being tickled so Travis wants to find out just how ticklish she is. He starts on her big feet and boy are they ticklish! Her soft, gorgeous feet are very sensitive and he tickles them nonstop with fingers and tickle tools. She struggles mightily and her feet are super responsive to every technique. She demands to be set free but Travis has some demands of his own. It’s going to be a long day for Megan as the tickling has only just begun. This clip is foot tickling only.

Length: 11:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – You Lost Fair And Square Part 1

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