BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade Spy One Shoe Foot Torture, Tickle & Hop

Poor Spy Jade is captured again and this time her captors go to town on her poor left tootsie. They perform a lot of with sole slapping and some tickling as they bend her poor foot in impossible directions and she hollers for them to please stop! When her tormenters leave for a break she soon learns why it was so easy for them to leave her alone and allow her to unbind herself — her poor ped is now permanently twisted in an impossible way — Will she ever be able to wear a shoe or walk on it again??? Persistent as she is, Jade doesn’t let a severely twisted ankle and foot stop her, she breaks free, hops out and down the hall. When her captors realize it they bolt after her… To be continued…

Length: 10:18
Resolution: 2560×1080

Download – Jade Spy One Shoe Foot Torture, Tickle & Hop

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