BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade the Spy Blunders Again! Toe and Finger Cuffed and Extreme Foot Tickled at The Clinic

Jade the spy is back blundering around again in this unique tickle story clip. Because of her previous foot tickle/ spy Jade thinks she can get into the medical facility to steal secrets without issue by simply appearing as a patient with believable chronic foot problem. The doctor examines her and as soon as she leaves the room Jade is at the computer trying to pull information from it. However, the doctor sees her and when she comes back manages to get Jade’s finger and exposed toe into thumb cuffs by making believe she is treating her. Jade of course falls for it and finds herself hopping around looking for an exit with her finger and exposed big toe permanently cuffed. She finds her way into an examination room and tries to locate something to free herself, but the doctor comes in and she is out before she can do anything. When she comes too her finger and toe are still cuffed, but now they are also wrapped around the bar of the bed so she is completely trapped. Jade can’t believe the mess she’s gotten herself into again and that her bad foot will be further . She’ll never wear a regular shoe again! Now the devilish Doctor has her way with Jade poor exposed foot and sole as she finger tickles Jade relentlessly , digging her fingers into her half shoe to further tickle her. Spy Jade series fans will be familiar with her extreme ticklish reactions as the doctor finger tickles her relentlessly and expertly. A Must See clip with lots of closeup foot tickling action featuring toe cuffs.

Length: 20:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jade the Spy Blunders Again! Toe and Finger Cuffed and Extreme Foot Tickled at The Clinic

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