BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade the Spy Extreme One Bare Foot Tickle Torture and Foot Worship

Spymaster Jade has just completed her mission to steal data and is hanging out on the patio of her rented Apartment in hose and boots before leaving Eastern Europe for the West. Unbeknownst to her however her to agents have been dispatched to nab her and get the data before she leaves the country. They corner her in her sitting room. They’ve been told they cannot leave marks to avoid an international incident so they decide on special Eastern European tickle to get the data from Jade. They tie her up in a chair her arms and right leg bound to the chair rams and legs. But her left leg is propped on the table her boot is pulled off and her stocking ripped off to reveal her soft sole and extremely wiggly toes. The two govt spy’s Barb and Nicki start off playing nice with Jade, teasing her five naked toes with some light tickling with fingers and some sensuous toe sucking and tickling with their pierced tongue beads. But when Jade doesn’t give up the data its time for some serious balls to the wall tickling and foot . Four hands and twenty fingers all gang up on five pitifully exposed toes and a soft wrinkly sole. Jade cannot stop laughing, screaming and doing anything to get of that chair including stomping her still booted foot on the floor as her bare foot is ticked and relentlessly.

Length: 16:31
Resolution: 2560×1080

Download – Jade the Spy Extreme One Bare Foot Tickle Torture and Foot Worship

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