BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade the Spy One Foot Tickle Revenge in Nylons & Bare Foot

Spy Jade click-clack’s down the hallway and away from the office she’s just broken into with her sexy heels and hose. She thinks she has made a clean getaway, but she is wrong. Her two nemesis are just around the corner waiting to jump her. They drag her into the room kicking, prop her left leg up on a mobile bar, pull her shoe off and secure her ankle to the bar with tape. Then they use her nylons to both secure and bend her foot any way they can by pulling on them at the toe and then applying finger and feather tickle to her exposed and vulnerable sole. Nylon tickle goes on for about half this clip until the foot part of her hose are unceremoniously ripped off her exposed so that her tickle is even more intense. Her bare sole and toe cleavages are subjected to further feather and finger tickle . At one point her tormentors lay the feather down on her lap but Jade uses her mouth to grab it in an effort to get it away. But her tickle tormentors but simply pull it out of the poor immobilized spy’s mouth and use it on her vulnerable foot. they even use a feather tipped pen tickling between her toes with the nub! She screams and howls with laughter throughout. Her especially flexible ankle and toes curl and splay at the merciless foot tickle she receives with great closeups! A perfect follow up to the original Jade the Spy tickle clip.

Length: 13:38
Resolution: 854×480

Download – Jade the Spy One Foot Tickle Revenge in Nylons & Bare Foot

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