BrazIlianTickling – The Very Ticklish Domme Leticia Miller – FULL VERSION

How a lot of people knows Leticia Miller is a famous BDSM dominatrix in Brazil, but in this film we put her a slave to be tickled, naked and tied with handcuffs she is defenseless, at that day she discovers how ticklish she is, the reactions are amazing, the tickler girl explores all Miller’s body but when she starts the foot tickle Leticia explodes in insane reactions, another old but very hot film with new renderization, better sound and image, later Leticia Miller comes in topless to take revenge, she s not alone, she brings two other tickles to a great tickling session, they will get the girl who is tied on the bed to explore every single spot from her, sexy reactions, hot laughters, one the first movies with Leticia Miller as the tickler

Length: 29:43
Resolution: 640×360

Download – The Very Ticklish Domme Leticia Miller – FULL VERSION

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