BrokenShellFantasies – Burglars Last Meal The Smo-ther Out

“For this she will wake up tied to the bed, shoeless and tape gagged with socks laying over her nose and you playing with her feet. You give her the same speech about not calling the police but decide to play a game to see if she can make it out. All she had to do is last longer than the time set for hours (like nine hours) you pinch her nose shut until she faints. You wake her up with an ice cube on her feet and tell her at this rate she is screwed. Next you foot gag her and wake her up with tickling and nibbling. It still hasn’t been close to an hour but you’re bored and you know she won’t make it so it’s the final round. All she has to do is make it until the timer hits 0 but with tape over her nose. You tape her nose and lay on her watching her as she slows her struggling then faints.”

Length: 17:25
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Burglars Last Meal The Smo-ther Out

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