BrokenShellFantasies – Getting Her Hands On Dick

Alice has been dreaming of wrapping her expert hands around Dick’s sensitive, ticklish body for so long. Now that she finally has the chance, she makes sure to make the most out of him and his overly sensitive cock.

Hands and feet tied down to a table, spread eagle out, Dick Dastard is no match for this expert tickler as she does everything she can to fulfill her tickle fantasy with him. Tauntingly looming over him with her wriggling fingers, she displays her dexterity and speed with her phalanges. Already feeling his body start to creep and crawl with anticipated tickles, Dick starts laughing abruptly. Amused, Alice has no hesitation in diving right in and making him squirm. She loves it most when he laughs hysterically every time her nails trail from the soles of his feet up towards his chest. His nipples go hard as Alice’s fingers gently squeeze and rub them in a circular motion.

Tensing his body up in attempt to protect his exposed sensitivities, Dick giggles relentlessly while his body twitches in immense satisfaction from tickling. Grabbing his humongous throbbing cock, Alice lubes it up and strokes it up and down with her tiny, cute, skillful hands. Her other hand squeezes his balls and interchangeably tickles his armpits and chest. Her adorable hands are all over the place!

Unable to contain himself any longer, Dick starts to tense up and moan as his sore red throbbing cock starts to squirt loads of cum all over Alice’s hands. Giving him a chance to catch his breath, only momentarily, Alice teases and taunts him more about giving him post cumtorture. Cock already red and deflating, Dick is hesitant to withstand another moment of intense stimulation. Unable to get away, he thrashes futilely to try and release his restraints as Alice comes in for an intense post cumtorture session! Then, she’ll give him a chance to catch his breath..

Length: 20:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

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