BrokenShellFantasies – Tickle Tor-Tured By Goddess Fina

Slowly running her freshly sharpened bright pink nails over Dexter’s tied and restrained body, she giggles and warns him of the extreme sensations he will soon be enduring. Tied and trapped, with no way to wiggle free, Dexter starts to sweat as Goddess Fina starts to tease and taunt him with her perfect, supple, plump booty right in his face. Wishing so badly he could touch, he closes his eyes to imagine getting to bury his face right between her perfect cheeks, only to be shocked back into reality by Fina’s nails digging into his hips! Flexing and struggling with all his might, Dexter tries to escape from her nails as they dig into his most sensitive spots and make him almost scream!

Giggling, aroused by Dexter’s panic, Fina straddles the table to ensure further trapping Dexter underneath her. Sitting right on top of him, making his cock twitch and harden as he feels the warmth of her pussy spreading over his own crotch, Fina digs her nails into his armpits and makes him thrash underneath her. Feeling his cock press up into her mound send Dexter over the edge, as his whole body is on pins and needles with pleasure and aching frustration! Fina finishes him off by making him explode with an overwhelming experience of tickles- leaving his cock aching and throbbing for more, to his frustration!

Length: 12:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Tor-Tured By Goddess Fina


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