BrokenShellFantasies – Tickling His Holly Jolly Balls

Catching their friend attempting to spy on them, Misty and Maria are excited when they see the thick bulge in his underwear, huge and hard. Are you snooping on us? Or did you use some kind of disguise so you could prey on our gorgeous, sexy bodies? Instantly knowing what to do, Maria and Misty giggle between themselves as they ready themselves to give Dick a lesson he won’ soon forget. Tying him down to their table, they start to question him along with intense sensuous tickling!

With his legs and arms bound and held so that he wouldn’t dare run away, the females were able to secure him against the table with cuffs and ropes. When they take off his pathetically decorated Christmas stocking his enormous dick protrudes, throbbing and aching for the sensual touch of these two gorgeous women. Having spied on his friends, Dick deserves to have his most tender body part—his cock—tickled relentlessly!

Dick laughs hysterically as Maria begins to squeeze his legs up into his groin. Never before has he shown such sensitivity! Misty sensually reaches out and begins to tickle his enormous, throbbing cock. His cock’s body is scrunched by her pointed, cutting fingers, and his cockhead is pinched by the tip of her thumb. Ramping up the intensity, they lavish him with a more intense tickling session because they see how excited he is.

He laughs and gasps for oxygen as the girls pinch his armpits while stroking his cock in an up, down, and circular manner. They feel his feet wiggle and move all over the place, so they tickle the soles of his wrinkly, arched feet with their hands. Once they’ve had enough of Dick’s feet, they return to his cock and grease it with lubricant once more, making sure that their warm hands glide smoothly over his shaft.

These two sexy women work together to tickle him until his nerves explode from oversensitivity as he explodes a giant load of cum all over a present that Misty presents him with. Unquestionably, Maria and Misty are dreaming of a snowy white Christmas—a sticky, white, and thick Christmas, imagining how many times they can make Dick cum while keeping him tied down.

Length: 17:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

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