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FrenchTickling – Veronique’s Deathly Ticklish Soles Are By Far Her Weak Point

Once again Veronique’s deathly ticklish bare feet are mercilessly tickled but we rarely pushed her to her limits like here.
Veronique is a beautiful 43 years old woman with some of the most ticklish feet we have seen since we are into the production of tickle material and we really wonder if she is not becoming more and more sensitive with the years.
Her reactions are just crazy, the FT Tickler drives her totally insane, near to tears and some special tools are devilish for her.
If you love to watch Veronique tickled on her feet till she loses her mind this clip is for you.

Length: 22:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Veronique’s Deathly Ticklish Soles Are By Far Her Weak Point

FrenchTickling – This Is Ft Tickler’s Turn To Play With The Super Ticklish Khloe

This is FT TICKLER’s turn to play with Khloe’s super ticklish body so he immobilized her face down because he knows that girls are even more ticklish in this situation due to the fact they can’t see the tickler.
The experimented tickler torments her bare soles and toes, her sides, hips, legs, underarms and neck till she goes crazy.
The beauty explodes in laughter at each touch on her helpless body with fantastic and arousing reactions especially when the hairbrushes and the tickling gloves run on her soft milky soles.
Once again we have had the chance to meet a girl who is as ticklish as she is beautiful and we ready had a lot of fun with her exceptionnal ticklishness.
Khloe is a true ticklish beauty who really offered us the best of tickle fun.

Length: 20:11
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – This Is Ft Tickler’s Turn To Play With The Super Ticklish Khloe

FrenchTickling – The Tickler Breaks The Ultra Ticklish Milf Olivia To Tears

This is now time for the experimented tickler to push the most ticklish milf he has ever met out of her limits.
The sadistic guy is totally decided to break Olivia till she cannot take it anymore and you will be impressed by the level of punishment she got.
Olivia loses her mind all long the session because the tickles are totally unbearable at this point, the tickler torments her feet and upperbody to tears.
The clip is 70% foot tickling and 30 upperbody tickling with a long intensive part focused on her deathly ticklish armpits.
If you love EXTREME TICKLING to hysteria this session will amaze you because you probably rarely seen such crazy reactions to soles and underarms tickles.
Get ready to enjoy a crazy punishment with a TRUE INSANELY TICKLISH MATURE WOMAN.

Length: 21:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Tickler Breaks The Ultra Ticklish Milf Olivia To Tears

FrenchTickling – Ocelia Experiments Camily’s Tickles In Pantyhose

Camily LOVES to tickle extremely ticklish girls like Ocelia who experiment here a new sensation in pantyhose.
Ocelia’s entire body is super sensitive but she has two weak points : her feet and her thighs so the sadistic Camily tickles her in this way.
The FT Tickler shows some special techniques to Camily at some moments but this clip is mostly F/F tickle action.
Ocelia explodes in laughter all long the clip but some moments where she litterally cracks are just wonderful.
We really love when a merciless female tickler is totally decided to drive crazy another super ticklish girl like in this great session.
A true ticklish beauty in pantyhose who endures the ruthless tickles of Camily…wow!

Length: 22:05
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ocelia Experiments Camily’s Tickles In Pantyhose

FrenchTickling – April O’neil Will Never Talk Starring Lisabeth

This is a special clip we made with Lisabeth due to a custom request where it was asked the famous “April O’Neil” Foot Tickling scene.
Lisabeth wears April’s outfit and she’s tickled on her bare feet in the same way as in the cartoon with feathers, fingers and different tickle tools.
Fortunately Lisabeth is as ticklish as the original character so the clip is very fun.
The session is in ENGLISH LANGUAGE due to the request we had.
If you have a special fantasie with the ticklish April O’Neil we made this long clip for you.

Length: 22:11
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – April O’neil Will Never Talk Starring Lisabeth

FrenchTickling – Tickle Challenges With Kiara & Lorisse

It is always fun to play some challenges with super ticklish girls.
In this fun session Kiara and Lorisse have to let the FT Tickler torment their bodies without escape the tickles.
The first half of the clip is upperbody tickling and the second half is focused on their extremely ticklish bare feet.
Both girls are horribly ticklish with differents reactions but the maximum sensitivity and this is so fun to watch how they try to stand it even if it drive them crazy.
These chubby girls are super sexy and super ticklish everywhre, a fantastic tickler’s fantasy.

Length: 14:03
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tickle Challenges With Kiara & Lorisse

FrenchTickling – Ocelia Introduced Us Her Hysterically Ticklish Step-Mom

Get ready to enjoy here some of the MOST TICKLISH MATURE FEET we have ever seen in 20 years of tickling videos productions.
Olivia is 51 years old, she is Ocelia’s step-mom and believe us you rarely seen such ticklish feet as her.
It is difficult to describe how she loses all control of herself and how she goes nuts when her bare soles are mercilessly tickled but you will never forget them after watching this video.
For her first experience she endures a common bare soles punishment with Ocelia and both girls are tickled to their limits till they really really cannot take it anymore.
This is an incredible video with an EXTREMELY INTENSIVE FEET TICKLING who does not stop all long the session.
Both girl become really crazy but Olivia didn’t imagine that tickling could make her become insane at this level with convulsive and uncontrollable reactions.
Once again we do not exaggerate by saying that this session is a tickling masterpiece in the world of tickling fetish.
We assume no responsability if your shorts explode at the end of the clip.

Length: 21:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ocelia Introduced Us Her Hysterically Ticklish Step-Mom