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FrenchTickling – Remastered Vintage Series Topless Ticklish Situations For Melanie

For this final part of Melanie’s experience with us she is tickled topless in two different scenes.
First she is on the sofa while a guy hold her arms above her head while another guy tickles all her upperbody.
She explodes in laughter with crazy fun reactions who incitate the guys to tickle her even more.
The second part is a sensual tickling punishment.
She has her hands tied overhead and three guys play with their sadistic fingers on her extremely sensitive underarms, hip, sides and breasts.
Melanie laughs at the slightest touch on soft skin.
She is very exciting, wonderfuly ticklish and completely open for tickles all over her perfect helpless body.
Wow this girl is a dream!

Length: 17:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Remastered Vintage Series Topless Ticklish Situations For Melanie

FrenchTickling – Remastered Vintage Series The Ticklers Drive Melanie Crazy In The Garden

Melanie was 25 years old when we made this shoot in 2003 and it is one of our best tickling memorie.
Armpits Tickling fans will be delighted here because this clip is focused on ticklish underarms and hips.
She was insanely ticklish, loved it so we really gave her what she wanted!
The clip has two part, first she is tied with her arms up and tormented on her sides, hips and underarms by a sadistic tickler who makes her jump and explode in laughter.
Then the second part is very original.
Melanie is tied on a swing and tickled on her sides and pits by the guys.
They play successively with her sexy tickle toy who really enjoy this game.
Melanie is extremely hot and fantastically ticklish.
Il you love fun, exciting and original sessions this one is unique in the world of tickling.
Fun Fun Fun!

Length: 23:03
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Remastered Vintage Series The Ticklers Drive Melanie Crazy In The Garden

FrenchTickling – Remastered Vintage Series Melanie’s Punishments On The Sofa

Here is the compilation of Melanie’s punishments on the sofa.
She is tickled SILLY on her sides, armpits and feet until she loses all control of herself.
The foot tickling scene is EXTREMELY explosive and you will never forget Melanie’s crazy reactions.
Her feet are INSANELY ticklish especially when the guys do their best to drive her totally crazy as here.
Melanie’s reactions are so fun to watch because she explodes in laughter continuously but you can see in her eyes how she enjoys it at the same time.
This girl was a fantastic tickle toy and our guys got a lot of tun with her.
Enjoy this crazy and really really ticklish model!
Melanie was really one of best tickle model we worked with and for those who discover her now she was like Nelly a super ticklish girl who loved to be pushed to her limits.

Length: 19:17
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Remastered Vintage Series Melanie’s Punishments On The Sofa

FrenchTickling – Megarah Experiments Foot Tickling In Nylons

The hyper ticklish Megarah from our project at “” is back for her first experience in nylons and us and her have not been disappointed.
This girl is super sensitive on every inch of her body but her feet who are her weak point seem to be even more ticklish with nylons.
She has her feet tickled with her shoes on during the first minutes of the session then the tickler removes her shoes and her attacks the helpless soles and toes with fingers and different tools who drive her crazy.
Megarah’s laughter is great especially when she loses control of herself with some special tools.
This is another very fun tickling session with a girl who absolutely can’t stand to have her feet punished in thsi way.

Length: 20:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Megarah Experiments Foot Tickling In Nylons

FrenchTickling – Unbearable Tickling Continues Face Down For Paige

For the last part of Paige’s first experience in our studio she’s immobilized face down and she discovers how she’s helpless in this situation.
The beauty is horribly ticklish everywhere but like with every girls the fact she can’t see her ticklers makes her more sensitive than usual so you can imagine what she endured here.
This clip is mostly F/F tickle action but you’ll enjoy a lot of FM/F tickling because both ticklers really wanted to push her to her ticklish limits.
They attack her insanely ticklish bare feet, legs, hips, sides, underarms and her neck for an ultimate and unbearable tickling punishment.
Paige goes nuts all long the session with hysterical and convulsive reactions at some moments.
Sure she will never forget her tickle experience with us and how she lost control of herself so many times.
One of our hottest and most ticklish model since numerous years!

Length: 20:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Unbearable Tickling Continues Face Down For Paige

FrenchTickling – The Shy & Calm Beauty Paige Has Wildly Ticklish Feet

This beautiful new model Paige is a 23 years old student we met last year and who we finally convinced for a tickling experience in our studio.
She hesitated for a long time because she knows she is incredibly ticklish and she wasn’t sure she could handle it.
Paige has some of the most perfect feet we have ever seen and they are as ticklish as they’re beautiful.
The clip begins with a short interview (subtitled in english) and she is immobilized for a special bare feet punishment with Ocelia and the FT tickler as ticklers.
Wow the ticklers didn’t imagine that a such shy and calm girl coul have such wildly ticklish reactions.
Paige is INSANELY ticklish and her reactions are just crazy.
She bursts out with an uncontrollable hysterical laughter at the point that the ticklers need to hold her feet strongly at some moments.
Paige absolutely can’t stand to have her soft soles and toes tickled especially with the special glove who drive her more than crazily ticklish.
This perfect beauty deserves our special “HYPER TICKLISH FEET LABEL” due to her extreme reactions.

Length: 20:19
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Shy & Calm Beauty Paige Has Wildly Ticklish Feet

FrenchTickling – Megarah Didn’t Imagined That Feathers Could Break Her

We are very happy to introduce you another deathly ticklish beauty with horribly sensitive feet especially with feathers.
Megarah is a 24 years old sexy model we met a few months ago on our tickling project “” and we discovered her incredible ticklishness.
She introduces herself at the beginning of the clip with english subtitles then the tickler makes a little test before the real tickle experience.
Megarah is ultra sensitive everywhere but her feet are really her weak point and she was really surprised because she didn’t imagined that feathers could break her at this point.
She becomes totally insane when feathers, fingers and different tools run on her milky soles and you will be impressed by her fantastic hysterical laughter.
Once again we met a truly super ticklish beauty with unreal ticklish bare feet, get ready to never forget this girl!

Length: 21:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Megarah Didn’t Imagined That Feathers Could Break Her