BrokenShellFantasies – Jasmin Foot Tickles Akira

Presented with a rare and unique opportunity, Jasmin tricks Akira into getting all tied up on the couch- trapped for Jasmin’s own pleasure. That way, she can focus on thinking about all the thrilling ways to overstimulate her nervous system and override her body with over-sensitivity. Akira can beg and plead all she wants, but Jasmin is determined to unleash the ultimate foot tickle attack extravaganza. She previously thought Akira was only somewhat ticklish, but now she realizes how explosively ticklish Akira really is!

Starting off gently, Jasmin is curious to see Akira’s tickle level meter rise and fall before her very eyes. Jasmin uses a brush made of black feathers and bristles that are too soft and fluffy to be effective in scrubbing her heels. The black feather’s pointed tip is the perfect stimulant to release Akira’s foot sensitivity to greater heights. Pulling a quick switch, she then uses the sharp end to scratch her soles, tracing the curves of her wriggling toes. Akira’s feet crunch and flail with each scratch of the feathers, and this only makes her laugh hysterically.

After Jasmin is satisfied with her feather tickling on Akira’s feet, she takes a little black feather duster and uses its soft feather bristles, which are overly bushy and scattered, to see if she can induce Akira to squirm even more. She spins the feather duster over her feet the same way she did with the feathers, brushing it over her crumpled soles, but this time she presses it in between Akira’s toes and the crevices between them, eliciting peals of uncontrollable laughter. Jasmin has been having a blast watching Akira squirm under her relentless tickling tactics. But she’s not ready to call it quits just yet. Armed with a long wooden brush, she expertly wedges it between Akira’s toes, giving them a delightful scrape with its slightly firm bristles. Akira’s sanity is hanging on by a thread as she desperately tries to process all the sensitivity while gasping for air. But Jasmin is determined to satisfy her curiosity and uncover the secret behind how her tickle toys send Akira’s hypersensitive feet into a frenzy.

Who could possibly overlook her beloved scratcher toy (resembling a tiny rake) as she playfully drags it across Akira’s well-worn soles, giving them a gentle scrub with its comb-like teeth at the tip? With a flick of a switch, Jasmin adds some extra “buzz” to Akira’s foot-tickling extravaganza by turning on the electric toothbrush. Those electrifying vibrations are sure to make Akira’s feet tingle with delight! Jasmin works her magic with the electric toothbrush, giving Akira’s heels a foot scrub treatment that even Cinderella would envy!

Akira’s laughter bursts forth, a futile attempt to resist the relentless tickles. Bound and helpless, she’s left with no choice but to endure the electrifying sensation that pushes the limits of human tolerance. “Tickle, tickle!”

Length: 12:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jasmin Foot Tickles Akira

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