HoustonFootFetish – Jacob, you’re the worst roommate ever!!!! Again!!

Jacob’s back at it again, this video picks up directly after the upper body tickle clip titled “Jacob, you’re the worst roommate ever!!!! Again!!” and focuses more on the foot tickling aspect. Honey, Jessica, and Stacy Luxxx are all still on the couch waiting for Jacob to make some popcorn since it’s still movie night for the three biracial beauties as they are still watching the same horror flick from the previously mentioned clip. Jacob, however, has devious plans on his own as he expertly is able to multi-task making some popcorn and simultaneously tickling all three of the mixed-race women’s feet in a seamless flow as he rotates between the trio tickling their delicate pink soles one by one. Honey, Jessica, and Stacy find his tickling antics to be quite nerve racking and are visibly annoyed that they aren’t able to watch the movie in peace, but that doesn’t deter Jacob in the least bit thankfully. He is sure to evenly distribute the tickling amongst the three of them while constantly being reminded to not forget about the popcorn he is supposed to be preparing, not realizing that popcorn is not at the top of Jacob’s priority list. One thing is for sure, Jacob absolutely loves when Stacy invites her ticklish friends over to hang out, whether she’s aware of it or not!!!

Length: 14:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jacob, you’re the worst roommate ever!!!! Again!!

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