ClickChix – A Study Game! Tickled And Edged!


Mina has come over to her study buddy Ryans house, and is so bored with all the pointless studying. She wants to have some fun and he sheepishly agrees. But Minas form of fun, isn’t what he had in mind.

She strips his clothes off, ties him down to the bed, masks him, and ball gags him…..When he thinks thats all, she decides to let him in on her little plan….

She wants to have some fun! And what’s more fun than tickling!!!

Before he can dispute, she begins to tickle him sending him into a fit of laughter. She tickles him all over from his toes, to his soles, armpits, stomach, hips, inner thighs! This poor study buddy really had no idea how much fun Mina wanted to have! Which is ALOT!

As he thinks the tickle will never end, Mina decides its time for some additional fun. She wants to edge his hard cock….She teases, and taunts it, getting it harder and harder but refuses to let him release.

As if he wasn’t exhausted enough from being tickled, now she’s going to completely prolong his ejaculation so he will be completely exhausted and broken when she’s done having her fun with him.

He can hardly handle it anymore as he pre maturely ejaculates on her hand which upsets Mina and she storms off leaving him soaked in sweat, cum and tied down.

Duration: 22:55.864
Size: 814,135 Mb

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