ClickChix – Princess C’s Ticklish feet and Janey Does Pay Back!


Janey was such a good sport, losing the card game and letting Princess C tickle her in victory!

But now it is Princess C’s turn to get tickled!! Janey has been wanting to tickle her for so long, and part of their deal was she had to also be allowed to tickle our tickling Princess!

So Janey zip ties Princess C’s feet together and her hands together, sits on top of her and removes her shoes showing she’s serious!

She begins by tickling Princess C with her socks on, which drives our tickle princess crazy as she’s VERY ticklish under thin fabrics. But then Janey removes her socks, and the real fun begins!!!

She tickles Princess C’s tiny size 6 feet, sending her into hysterics!

She tickles the tops and bottoms of her pretty little feet, and she tries to toe wiggle away but alas….it doesn’t work. Janey won’t stop tickling until she’s felt she’s had enough pay back!

Duration: 4:15.288
Size: 275,619 Mb

Download – Princess C’s Ticklish feet and Janey Does Pay Back!

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