ClickChix – Tomiko Gets Her Fishnets RIPPED In The Stocks!

Princess C has one of her all time favorite fetish models, Tomiko, LOCKED IN THE STOCKS!

Tomiko has terrifically ticklish feet, and though she wore fishnets in hopes to save her from the tickle sensation, it does not work with our tickle princess eagerly tickling!

Princess C sends Tomiko into hysterics. She then rips the fishnets, exposing Tomikos bare soles, perfect for tickles!!!

When Princess C wants to send Tomiko over the edge, she oils up her pretty feet and them trades between finger tickles and using the infamous hair brush!! Tomiko can hardly control herself!

Before Princess C, can unlock the gorgeous Tomiko from the stocks, she has to get to her armpits and sides as well! Tomiko is a terrific Lee, so ticklish with an intoxicating laugh.

Duration: 7:48.101
Size: 574,067 Mb

Download – Tomiko Gets Her Fishnets RIPPED In The Stocks!

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