ElValleDeLasCosquillas – The lesson of Laura and CecyTF 2

Giggly and humiliated, poor Laura is ready for revenge! Soon she finds out that CecyTF is the mastermind behind her tickling ordea, so she set up a trap to catch CecyTF and tickle her non stop until she agrees to be a better student. Poor Cecy! She is at the clutches of an evil tickler, well trained to make her surrender to tickling!

Starring: CecyTF, Laura Olivares, and ChuchoTF. This MF/F clip contains feet and upperbody tickling. CecyTF is bound to a tantra chair and soon surrenders laughing as two ticklers tease her non stop on every spot of her body. Camera angle moves along the scene to capture her laughter and reactions to merciless tickling with different tickle tools.

Length: 23:07
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The lesson of Laura and CecyTF 2

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