ElValleDeLasCosquillas – Tickled by nylon feet

Manfred has a weakness for Pantyhose covered feet! He has arranged a date with Laura and is kissing and smelling her beautiful feet covered in gorgeous vintage Cuban stockings. Suddenly, Lauras toes slip, caressing his ribcage and tickling him, provoking his laughter! Laura simply can’t stop! Her soft toes keep teasing him with playful soft tickles just to see him squirm, twist and giggle uncontrollably. There’s no escape this time! Soon Laura has him completely tired and weak, so she proceeds to take of his shoes and tickle his feet and soles with fingers and brushes as her mischievous toes keep tickling his sides and armpits at the same time!

Starring: Manfred VonRed and Laura Olivares. This F/M clip contains feet and upperbody tickling with nylon covered feet, brushes and other tickle tools. Fixed angle camera provides a clear view of Manfred’s laughter and desperation while tickled mercilessly by mischievous Laura!

Length: 18:42
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tickled by nylon feet


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