FishnetHousepet – Tickling Charlie’s Armpits

I have Charlie Syme just where I want him, shirtless with his hairy armpits exposed! I’m dressed in a seductive black dress as I reach my fingers towards his sensitive skin. He’s already twitching in anticipation of the tickles and when I start he can’t help but hoot with laughter! He wriggles and giggles trying to cope with the tickling but I’m relentless, relishing in tickling his pits. Unfortunately for me, but luckily for Charlie, it seems as if he loses the sensitivity in his armpits quickly compared to his feet and stomach, but it was certainly fun tormenting him while they were incredibly ticklish 😉

Length: 3:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Charlie’s Armpits


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