FishnetHousepet – Tied Tickle Torment

Charlie Syme has had enough of my mischievous attitude, he’s decided a little bit of tickling will give me something to really giggle about! Cuffed at the wrists and bound at the ankles he lies me down and starts to tickle me from head to toe! I can’t help but laugh as his fingers trace all my most sensitive places with feather light touches and I’m left wriggling in the rope helplessly while he enjoys himself; carefully but firmly placing my back in position and resuming his tickling. My whole body jiggles as he tickles my armpits, feet, belly and legs, even flipping me over to make sure nowhere remains untickled! By the end I’m exhausted and my face aches from smiling so much, perhaps I’ll be better behaved but this was an awful lot of fun… 😉

Length: 10:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tied Tickle Torment

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