FishnetHousepet – Tied Tickle With Isabel Dean

When I saw Isabel Deam’s beautiful nails I knew I *had* to have her tickle me, but I also knew I’d be unable to stop myself struggling! So, gorgeous Isabel kindly agrees to tie me down with some velvet restraints before she starts the tickling torment. We’re both topless and only wearing skimpy neon thongs as I lie underneath her, already giggling in excitement before she’s even laid one slender finger on me! But once she does I explode in chuckles, wriggling as she effortlessly holds me down and grins at my reactions. She teases me about how sensitive I am which only serves to make me blush harder and I try to control myself with little success, barely able to contain all my laughter. How long do you think I can hold out before I have to ask Isabel to let me go? 😉

Length: 3:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tied Tickle With Isabel Dean

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