GinaryTickleAdventures – Miss Pandora Gets The Foot Tickle Test


Miss Pandora is all locked up in a foot rack, with her big toes tied back. Pandora answers questions about how ticklish her feet are, while her feet are tickled with a feather. Pandora admits that the feather isn’t that ticklish, so her tickle tormentor grabs another feather and tickles her. Pandora has her feet tickled with feathers and paintbrushes… and they just aren’t cutting it. Pandora has a vibrator tickling her toes, and she can’t resist the laughter. She’s definitely no match for the electric toothbrush, and Pandora squirms and laughs. Pandora is tickled with other various objects, and with fingers and she continues to laugh hard.

Duration: 11:03.929
Size: 536,589 Mb

Download – Miss Pandora Gets The Foot Tickle Test

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