GinaryTickleAdventures – Nikki Brooks Makes Kate England Her Tickle Slave


Kate England lays on the bed, slowly waking up. Nikki Brooks walks in, and Kate asks why she is all tied up. Nikki tells Kate that she collects girls, and has them each in their own room tied up. Nikki tickles them, and gets to know them… making them belong to her. Nikki grabs a feather, and starts to tickle Kate’s vulnerable body. Nikki moves down to Kate’s feet, and tickles the bottoms of her sexy soles. Nikki grabs more tickle tools, and tickles Kate all over her body. Finally, Nikki grabs a hitachi wand… and rubs Kate’s pussy. Nikki tells Kate to say she wants to stay and be her tickle friend. Kate begs for Nikki to stop tickling her and let her cum instead. Nikki makes Kate cum, and tells her she is going to stay forever.

Duration: 12:09.328
Size: 578,601 Mb

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