GinaryTickleAdventures – Playful Tickle Game With Gia Love & Jenni Foxx

Gia Love sits with Jenni Foxx on the couch, and she has an idea. Gia has a bunch of tickle tools on the floor, and she tells Jenni she wants to have a tickle contest. They will see who can last the longest. Gia goes first and lays on the floor as Jenni tickles her with her fingers. Gia tries to resist, but when Jenni starts grabbing feathers & brushes…she can’t contain it any longer. Jenni takes her turn, and she doesn’t last long. Jenni laughs as Gia tickles her on the floor with feathers and vibrators. Gia and Jenni go back and forth tickling each other, trying new tools as they go.

Duration: 11:11.003
Size: 436,719 Mb

Download – Playful Tickle Game With Gia Love & Jenni Foxx

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