GinaryTickleAdventures – Rachel Adams Revenge Tickled By Nikki Brooks


Rachel Adams comes into the kitchen to warm up her drink, and leaves it in the microwave. Nikki Brooks sneaks in, and pours something in Rachel’s drink while she’s not looking. Rachel comes back and grabs her drink – unaware that Nikki slipped something in it. She drinks it, and falls resting on the floor. Rachel wakes up completely bound and tied up, and Nikki is ready to get her revenge. Rachel tied up Nikki before – and now it’s her turn. Nikki pulls out a magic hat full of tickle tools, and starts to tickle Rachel’s feet with a feather. Nikki grabs different tools, and tickles Rachel all over.

Duration: 12:01.087
Size: 882,941 Mb

Download – Rachel Adams Revenge Tickled By Nikki Brooks

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