GirlsTiedAndTickled – Emily stretched and tickled – 1


Emily’s tickling nightmare is not over yet! After only a few minutes to recover from her worst tickle experience ever, Skelyrata takes her again to the power tower and ties her up with her arms fully and painfully stretched. She is so tight than can bareley breath and move. Next comes over 50 minutes of pure tickling hell , so hard, so brutal, so cruel that at the end she runs ouf of voice. You will see her calling the safe words many times begging for a break. Skelyrata brings a new tickling weapon, a very cute singing mupet duck and uses it in combination with Freddy’s claws, to drive her crazy beyond tolerance. In addition to the already infamous feathers, dust cleaners, and of course, ice , the this time he hangs the ice cube from her neckless and lets it drip on her while he continues her.

Duration: 10:00.635
Size: 1 142,794 Mb

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