GlobalTicklingStudio – Francia’s Most Intense Foot Tickling In the Vertical Stocks!

Mature hottie Francia finds herself in ticklish trouble yet again. This time she is having her first session in the vertical stocks. There was only one tickler we could unleash for such an event, the Devilish Tickler Irama, and man is she on form in this one.

Immediately Francia realizes that her feet are very vulnerable, with no way to defend against Irama’s skilled tickling fingers. Irama has tickled Francia once before, and clearly remembers her spots, delving deep into and under her toes. Her favorite trick is to grab Francia’s feet and use her thumbnails to tickle the pads of her big toes, which drives Francia absolutely wild hysterical laughter, begging Irama to stop when she can catch her breath which is rare in this clip. Once the oil is added Francia’s toes and soles are in a whole other world of trouble as Irama utilizes the same tactics but with her feet being even more sensitive Francia is a complete ticklish mess. In the wide shot section you will see just how much fun Irama is having, smiling and flicking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth as she admires her ticklish handiwork on Francia’s wiggling ticklish soles.

Length: 8:24
Resolution: 1468×826

Download – Francia’s Most Intense Foot Tickling In the Vertical Stocks!

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