GlobalTicklingStudio – Mature Lupe’s Sensitive Soles Wrapped and Stocked!

Mature Lupe has appeared in other videos, but we are very pleased to now have her in the GTK fold, as she is a mature lady with unbelievably ticklish soles. Naz has her wrapped and placed into the stocks on the sofa with her bare feet helpless in front of her ready for a session of intense foot tickling. And that is exactly what Naz delivers here, and she has a ton of fun doing it too. Naz starts with her fingers and is taken aback at how ticklish Lupe is, but proceeds to tickle her mercilessly anyway. Once the oil comes out Lupe is toast, as Naz switches between tickling both of her feet and holding one still while she really digs into the arches and between the toes, making Lupe howl with hysterical laughter. Naz finishes off with a solid session with a pink hairbrush, teasing Lupe all the while as she traps each foot and scrubs the taut slick bare soles in front of her producing some wonderfully ticklish reactions from her bound mature ticklee.

Length: 7:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mature Lupe’s Sensitive Soles Wrapped and Stocked!

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