GlobalTicklingStudio – Paola’s Extreme Stocked Foot Tickling!

We are back to the stocks now, and a one-two punch of intense foot tickling clips with two models who have never crossed brushes before – Paola and Aunt Sian.

First up is Paola, and the main thing to know about this clip is that Sian gets the most intense reactions out of Paola to date, she really gets her good in this one no doubt. Likely the blindfold and maybe just extra sensitivity of her feet on the day were the reason for this, but in any event it’s a great session. Fans of frantic begging pleading and eruption into hysterical laughter as those requests are ignored and rewarded instead with intense foot tickling and verbal teasing should really enjoy this one, as Paola is constantly proclaiming “no, no! no mas!”, but Sian just carries on tickling her very sensitive and helpless charge with her finger, oil, the brush, tickle glove, and then fingers again for a few minutes at the end which really throws Paola into hysteria as she thought that part was over!

Length: 10:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Paola’s Extreme Stocked Foot Tickling!

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