GlobalTicklingStudio – Sian Wraps And Leg Log Tickles Arabely’s Bare Soles!

The quite now formidable foot tickler Sian returns now, and has brought along a new model to to sit and be wrapped and held in her clutches as she ruthlessly tickles her bare soles. Arabely is a 31 year old woman who has never been bound and tickled like this before. Sian gives her quite the introduction, and finds that digging her thumbs into Arabely’s arches produces hysterical laughter that causes Sian herself to crack up too at how much that method tickles Arabely’s pale, soft and narrow soles. Oil and brush get even more of a rise out of Arabely, and Sian tightens her leglock to try and account for Arabely’s bucking when the brush makes contact with her feet. fun new model for sure and Sian’s cute smiles and laughter at Arabely’s predicament add quite a bit to this one too.

Length: 8:05
Resolution: 1920×920

Download – Sian Wraps And Leg Log Tickles Arabely’s Bare Soles!

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