GlobalTicklingStudio – Tania’s Ticklish Toes!

Ceci The Tickler returns now with a new model’s sensitive bare soles tightly in her tickling clutches, the wonderful Tania! Ceci has become very clinical in exploring the ticklishness of feet, almost clinical you might say. Constantly testing to see where she can get the most extreme ticklish reactions, Ceci quickly figures out that it is Tania’s toes that her weak spot, and that tickling there causes Tania to tilt her head back and howl with ticklish laughter. Later on Ceci also discovers that Tania is VERY susceptible to tickle scrubbing on her flawlessly smooth and sensitive bare soles. As always Ceci has an insane amount of fun tickling a new model’s soles for the first time, with a wicked smile on her face. Tania is no exception with excellent reactions and hysterical laughter throughout.

Length: 8:02
Resolution: 1920×920

Download – Tania’s Ticklish Toes!

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