JapaneseAsianTicklingFetish – Arisa Kawasaki – (Arisa’s TICKLING part3) TIC-134-3

In the clip, you can watch a cute but sadistic girl TICKLE a masochistic slave, the way she likes, just like a sandbag.
She binds both arms and legs of MALE with the training machine by the cuffs.
She starts to TICKLE his unmovable body.
There are many types of TICKLING, such as scratch, rub and a kind of massage in this video.

In the first half of it, you can watch TICKLING him from behind.
TICKLING mainly around the upper half of his body, she whispers sadistic words into his ears consistently.
Surprisingly, she licks along the back of the neck.
She is nothing but the ticklish maniac girl.

In the second half of it, you can watch TICKLING face to face.
We wanna you focus on her TICKLING mainly at the groin or inside legs, with her body bending down in front of his erecting penis.
These are especially his weak points but he can’t close legs.
Such a kind of irritated feelings is just, we think, what the masochistic MALE likes.

After all, we recommend you should watch this video and will be satisfied with it, if you are really masochistic MALE.

Length: 11:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Arisa Kawasaki – (Arisa’s TICKLING part3) TIC-134-3


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