LaPrincesasTickling – La Princesas Tickles a Visitor

One of our favorite tickler is back with an absolute classic clip. La Princesas went for a visit at her cousins house in the afternoon and while there, her step-mother got a visit from a friend, let’s meet Sonia.

Sonia had no clue about these 5 minutes foot tickling challenges, this had nothing to do with her visit. So La Princesas figured, let’s try to get a video out of this visit. At first our new victim thought it was a joke and then she finally agreed thinking it wouldn’t be more then a few tickles.

Once she’s tied up and the camera starts rolling, our new friend becomes a tad nervous and then La Princesas start using her tickling techniques and the laughs are bursting from everywhere, our new victim was not ready for this at all.

The tickling just keeps on ramping up and up and this lady is having a hard time enduring all these tickles from our little pro.

The cream and the brush only makes it worst and the constant teasing is not helping either. This lady is a blast to watch go thru this and she’s shamed from the get go.

The last minute of this clip is a pure joy to watch because Sonia is erupting in beautiful bouts of laughter and she’s spent like no one before. She can’t even answer simple questions has she’s loss in laughter by the end of this clip.

Duration: 5:02.588
Size: 131,742 Mb

Download – La Princesas Tickles a Visitor

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