LaPrincesasTickling – La Princesas Tickles Beth

Here we go again, our resident sexier tickler is with another friend today, let’s meet Beth. Beth is not as ticklish as Ashlee she said as she could hear the laughs from the other room, but she does have a lovely pair of size 7 feet. La Princesas is a master foot tickler so if you thing Beth has a chance even though she’s not 10/10 on the ticklish scale, think again.

La Princesas uses all of her techniques and gets Beth giggling for almost the entire clip with a couple of burst of laughter, this is a very fun clip to enjoy the work of La Princesas.

Beth ended up laughing a whole lot more then she expected. She was surprised on more then one occasion about the skills of La Princesas.

Duration: 5:04.437
Size: 94,69 Mb

Download – La Princesas Tickles Beth

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