LaPrincesasTickling – Mia Introduces Mirella to Foot Tickling

New resident tickler Mia, is back with a new cutie this time, Mirella is a lovely Columbian cutie pie who has never heard anything that sounds like foot tickling challenges, well she’s at the right place.

Mia is a vicious tickler and the newbie this newbie is a super shy and sweet girl who’s looking in all directions before the tickling starts and then when it does she burst a huge smile on her face and super shy giggles pour out of her.

Mirella, is shaking, smiling and laughing a lot and she’s trying to get away from the tickles, by doing so she’s spending a lot of energy and she’s glowing in sweat has this clip moves along.

Mia is using all the tickling toys and the baby oil and Mirella is getting more and more tickling, making Mia enjoy what she’s doing even more.

This is another beauty from the lovely Mia and this Newbie is a fun one 🙂

Duration: 5:00.510
Size: 573,26 Mb

Download – Mia Introduces Mirella to Foot Tickling

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