LaPrincesasTickling – Paola Tickles Destroys Tia and Yuruby

Paola wanted to have the two newbies at her mercy after last weeks double duo clips and did she ever. As everyone knows by now, Paola is one ruthless and super cute tickler and she just loves to introduce new ladies to her tickling affairs.

Here she has her step-mother and her step-cousin stuck in a double chair feet in your face type of situation and they are not liking it one bit, because pig tailed Paola is having a blast making these two suffer. Tia is the first one to react with her lovely giggles and facials expressions that won’t make you stop looking for more.

During the first 30 seconds Yuruby, you can see that Yuruby is not containing all the tickles and some laughs are coming out but she’s about to explose and as soon has she does, the guffaws start and never stop, they are also noticed by Tia who simply yells “aiiiiii noooooooo” all while laughing and these clips is on it’s way for another classic with Best Tickler Paola.

Paola pours the baby oil and she keeps using her cruel mini fingers up and down the soles of our newbies who are in absolute terror of this, but it’s not over yet….well not until the 5 minute mark and by that point both Tia and Yuruby are absolute spent.

I haven’t been able to convince any of these two to come back after Paola played them like a fiddle, maybe some day…but for now, this had them laughing for days 🙂

Duration: 5:59.934
Size: 369,536 Mb

Download – Paola Tickles Destroys Tia and Yuruby

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