LaPrincesasTickling – Three Girls Full Body Tickling – Felicia

Brand new series and we also welcome 2 new models. Maria was in one previous clip but Stephania and Felicia are brand new. The latest is the first one to go thru the fun of being tied up and tickled by two very eager friends looking for laughs.

Felicia is a very stunning 20 year old with a small and long body that just screams tickles and gladfully, Maria and Stephania are in a tickle kind of mood.

The tickling starts at the upper body but it moves to the feet after a short amount of time. The grils are basically mutually tickling at the same spot but are never staying too long at the same location, which keeps Felicia on her toes, so to speak.

Felicia is just a gem, she has the “pretty girl” laugh, with desperation in her eyes…by the time this comes to an end, Maria says ” She’s mute”…for us this means….Breathless laughter. Enjoy 🙂

Duration: 5:06.639
Size: 101,72 Mb

Download – Three Girls Full Body Tickling – Felicia

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