LaPrincesasTickling – Too Ticklish and to Precious

You will FALL IN LOVE…

Mariangel brings us and absolutely adorable 18 year old who was told by a few of her friends about the 5 minutes feet tickling challenge. She thought it was a good idea to try it out, but she did mention to Mariangel that she was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect because she is very sensitive to foot tickling.

She was absolutely right and you can tell by her first facial expressions that she’s just freaking out of nervousness before the first tickles, she’s even confused when asked her name at the beginning. Very promising and she does not disappoint one bit.

Mariangel gives Fernanda all the tickling technique, the fingernails, the cream and the baton and Fernanda is kicking, laughing, shaking, putting her hands in her face, erupting in burst of beautiful laughter. This little cutie is having a very hard time and she’s a loud laughter for such a small thing.

This cutie is amazing, more to come with her in the future.

Duration: 5:01.768
Size: 114,699 Mb

Download – Too Ticklish and to Precious

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